Monday, February 15, 2010

hi everybody !

so as you all know, i've been whining about my feet for some time now. i went into see moose when i got back from texas last week and begged him to figure out what was wrong, and to try and fix me. (i don't know why he puts up with me). anyways, he gave me one of his looks, and said, 'my gut reaction is to check your orthotics - how old are they?'. only a couple of years old i say, BUT, there's over 4000 miles on them. hmmmmm. so i go back to the treehouse and hope to make an appointment with my most favorite podiatric orthotist - dr. nick !
i manage to get through, and i manage to get an appointment on family day! woo hoo! so after a great run in palgrave this morning with vents, fati and onions, i bag my old orthotics and head to peterborough to see if he can help. now i've known dr. nick ever since i went to see him for a nasty case of plantar fasciitis in both feet just after i started running - i think it was my obsessive compulsiveness forcing me to run every day without rest for 2 years that caused it.

he was real happy to see me, and asked if i was still doing all that crazy running. he then took a look at my orthotics and cringed. he also poked the bottom of my foot in one specific spot and sighed as i almost went through the roof. now because i have insanely high arches, he had had to put a metatarsal support in a few years ago to keep those bones from collapsing. he informed me that the one he'd installed in these ones were pretty much flat. he also noticed that the main arch support had sunk, therefore causing that nasty lump on the inside of the bottom of my foot. he then said that there are a lot of nerves that run through the metatarsal area, and because that arch was flattened out, that's why my feet and toes were going numb. i asked if a lot of downhill running on rock - ie: sinister, escarpment, moab - would crush the supports. survey says YES! so, he made a cast of my feet, and said he would have the new orthotics mailed out march 8. he also said i should be better after 4 weeks. and one last thing, he said i had to grind a golf ball under my arch as hard as i could stand to try and loosen the tendons in my foot.

i love this guy and i love the moose. once again he's bang on and that's why he's the best!!!

man i've got ugly feet!!!

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