Wednesday, September 2, 2009

miss pugsley

so as i'm running back through the trail from k2 this afternoon, i started thinking of one of my clients. her name is erika, she's a figure skater, and i've been training her since december of 2007. i remember when i was first approached to train her. me, train a figure skater - you've got to be kidding! well, believe it or not, i could throw the odd axle in my younger days (before i started playing hockey), and decided, 'what could go wrong?' she walked into the gym on december 18, i'm sure looking at me as if to say, 'you've got to be kidding me - this person looks like she trains rugby players!' after a few sessions, and a meeting with her coaches - i'd never seen a snowflake hat before - we got down to business. she was a real trooper, putting up with a lot - straps snapping clear across the gym, the dreaded balance board pushups, the sound-barrier-breaking hip pops, the neanderthalls and their imitations, and literally thousands of inner thigh exercises. i am happy to say, that by the end of our training, miss pugsley was successfully landing her triple jumps! i managed to see her skate on a couple of occasions and it was beautiful. i could see that she truly loved being on the ice.

on monday, miss pugsley is off to university. i will truly miss training her. i am so proud of everything she managed to accomplish while working with me. and if nothing else, i hope i've instilled in her the ability to believe in herself.

and so miss pugsley, if you're reading this, i leave you with a picture of me doing what i love - hanging out on a trail just enjoying life. i also leave you with this lyric i heard while running today:
"forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters" (metallica)
all the best my friend, you are awesome

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