Sunday, September 6, 2009

i've never been to texas . . .

well, it's happened again. this time it started while i was emailing with my friend georgie in dallas (whom i met at the transrockies run last summer - part of the team knucklehead duo).

that's him on the right beside christine.

we were talking about getting together at some point, and jokingly i said, 'gee, maybe you could find me an ultra down there.' well, that got me to thinking, and then looking up races on the interweb. i found a couple and forwarded them to georgie. what followed was a flurry of emails, a phone call to my friend tone, who didn't even TRY to talk me out of it (remember him from the whole sinister 7 kerfuffle), and then georgie swearing on his marguerita, and me on my sauconys', and KABOOM!

by 8:35 last night, i was registered for the rocky raccoon 100 miler in huntsville, texas, AND georgie was registered for the 50 miler. GOOD GRIEF!!

so now i have to hope that it doesn't snow before february, so i can get in some decent long runs. and, hopefully georgie can figure out the whole blog thing, so he can add his comments and training in the preparation for our next adventure!! what could go wrong??

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