Sunday, April 19, 2015

my first leaf game

 so february was nasty this year.  it got real cold and the snow didn't go anywhere.  it did make for some pretty pics though ...

came across michelle and chris on centerville creek during one of my long runs up k2 ...

got me another butterfly!   thanks shawn!!

more winter pics ...

stoopid snow!

haha!   couple pics from st patrick's day ! got this one from bob!

didiboppers !!!

the snow finally started to melt and i was able to get north of 9 !!

the birthday tree and even more ground showing !!!!

hello ara!  great to see you after a long run ...

and spaff bitched that eddy was too big, so i finally relented and got me another tire.   managed to find one from a mini cooper (thanks mark!), so naturally we had to name her 'alice' ...

 and since i got kicked out of crossfit bolton last fall, i've been hanging out at 'anytime fitness'.  love this shot of me, jose and fig!

got me an evil hilly route from duncan last weekend!   almost 5 hours and over 6000' of elevation gain!  made it up to the 30th sideroad from hockley!

kool rock - looks a bit like frankenstein!

met up with this little guy - she came up and started licking my shoe!!!

beauty day - was actually in shorts and a t-shirt for the first time since arizona!   big thanks to brian mclean for the 'achilles canada' shirt - supporting runners with disabilities!

and saturday night i FINALLY made it to a leaf game - my first ever!  i got tickets from a former client (the best client in the world) - peter holland!  after a smart-ass remark about finding the tickets on the ground, duncan was more than happy to drive us south of 7 for the game!!   we got there real early and trudged up front street and grabbed a pre-game steak!   then over to the acc where duncan bought himself a $16 beer!

our seats were great!  i even borrowed a jersey for the game!! i had tears in my eyes when he stepped out onto the ice.  what a feeling to experience someone living their dream!

and pete was awesome enough to spend a bit of time with us after the game!  what an amazing kid!

this weekend was a 4 hour jaunt up to hwy 9 and back.   saw my first snake going up k2 !

absolutely gorgeous day!

i ran into kinga and stephan in glen haffy!


i stopped at the birthday tree on my way back and gave it a big hug.   sending strong thoughts to a close friend who shares the same feelings for this lovely old tree...

yup!  i'm heading to kelowna in may to see THE REDHEAD!   he got all his curls chopped off! can't wait!!!

and finally, i came across this.  great great words of advice ...

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