Wednesday, January 14, 2015

this one's for trailman ...

 trailman complained that he was tired of looking at the same pics on my blawg - so i told him to stop looking.  i don't think he was amused, so i figured i'd throw some new stuff out there.

i spent christmas with the redhead and bob!  it was great!  we went to a movie - night at the museum 3 - and had a blast!  we each got our own monster bag of popcorn despite being informed that him and his dad usually shared one. i told him that i didn't want his grubby hands in my popcorn!  he was 'totally' okay with that!

and of course, we hit denny's - BONUS - it was a tuesday and kids eat for free!  it cost less than the movies did!

christmas morning was like it should be - all about the redhead! 

he got a ton of skylander stuff - i never did figure it out!

what a maroon!

i even managed a couple of runs on the greenway trail - and absolutely had to get a pic of this ...

and other than that, just the usual.  finished off 2014 with a hike on the dingle.  it was beautiful.  here are a few shots from my travels through the forest so far this year ...

the coldest day so far - minus 31

took me twenty minutes and all this krap to get out there!  but it was perfect!

my welcoming committee ...

despite all the bitching, i really do enjoy it ...

 and in three weeks - i'm heading to arizona to run with the captain!   can't wait !!!

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