Sunday, August 5, 2012

taper time ...

i had thought about going to haliburton saturday for helen's training run, but i didn't get my shit together soon enough. also, i was finding myself really tired this week, so i thought it better to stay close to home in case i kacked early. but still wanting an adventure, i got out my bruce trail guide book and started searching for a new place to run. i ended up going to primrose, just north of hwy 89 and hurontario street. i began with the primrose loop trail, which eventually joined up with the main trail for a steamy 3 hour out and back.

holy krap it was hot - almost +40 i'm thinking ...

sweet view from murphy's pinnacle ...

most of my run was in the boyne valley provincial park.

i love black-eyed suzies ...

awesome meadow shot heading back towards the sidetrail ...

aha! loser! i just about brained myself trying to get this shot ...

when i dragged my sweaty butt back to my car, i noticed a great little creek just behind the parking area.

ahhhhh! this felt SO good !!

what a beautiful section of the bruce. lots of variety, some nasty little climbs and a few spectacular views. will definitely be coming back here!

first friday night club in the new gym! thanks alex - it's beautiful!!

check out the sky afterwards ...

leadville thrashing was insane tuesday! the mighty one made me do 100ft bear crawl, 100ft broad jumps - with 3 burpees every 5 jumps just to keep me honest - for 5 rounds - while wearing a 20lb vest. i honestly COULD NOT move anything without it barking back at me for 2 days!

and big thanks to andreaaaaaaaa who had me and shar over for her birthday dinner last weekend! mmmm - burgers with chili (no beans - thanks andreaaaaa) and tons of veggies fresh from vito's garden!

happy birthday my friend!!!

and yup - it's taper time. only 2 more weeks!


  1. Ah yes, that's where you went hiking...looks beautiful, I'd love to see it one day.

    I read your post on CFB saying goodbye to our "little gym" and it was really sad :( That little gym holds many many memories for our CFB family :) It really is the end of an era

  2. i will take you in the fall!

    i truly will miss our little gym ...
    thanks lovely

  3. Tapper time! Yay.
    Best of luck.Have a great time and don't forget to take pitchers.

  4. thanks digger! tapper time indeed!